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The User who decides to upload images to the www.qura.tech website, grants and acknowledges to QURA the ability to freely use said images on the aforementioned website in accordance with these Terms of Use. The User is also informed, and accepts, that nothing will be acknowledged as a result of uploading the images to the www.qura.tech website.

Furthermore, the User guarantees that the images uploaded to the www.qura.tech platform:

  • have been acquired diligently and professionally and in compliance with the right to privacy;
  • they are anonymous in such a way that the identity of each patient to which they refer to is not recognizable and/or reasonably recognizable;
  • include legitimate and original content such as, but not limited to, radiographic images, photos, diagrams, CT scans, and that these have not been copied in any way from third-party sources;
  • will not infringe any third party intellectual property rights.

By accessing the www.qura.tech website, it will be possible to view all of the contents on the aforementioned website free of charge. The 3D models relating to images subsequently processed by QURA can only be downloaded for a fee. The User who has purchased the aforementioned files will be allowed to download them a maximum of two times.

QURA reserves the right to block any automated and unauthorized access and to take any other measure deemed necessary for the protection of the intellectual property rights of the images on the website and for the correct functioning of the www.qura.tech website.

The User declares, under his responsibility, that all the data provided at the time of creating his/her profile are true.

Anonymity of cases/images

The images uploaded to the website by Users must be provided anonymously so that the personal identity of each patient to whom they refer to is safeguarded (e.g. radiographic images and case notes). This applies to all images uploaded to the www.qura.tech website.

If the User becomes aware of cases in which he/she believes that himself/herself or a third person are reasonably identifiable, please contact QURA immediately at: info@qura.tech

The data that shall NOT appear on patient images uploaded by the User are:

  • first name
  • initials
  • date of birth
  • address, including full or partial post code
  • telephone or fax numbers or contact information
  • email addresses
  • medical device identifiers (e.g. serial numbers)
  • web addresses or internet protocol containing any links to the patient
  • biometric data
  • facial photograph or comparable image
  • names of relatives
  • date/name of the study

Furthermore, if a case is, for one reason or another, unique in such a way as to allow for the identification of an individual from the images alone, they must not be uploaded to the www.qura.tech website. This means that a case which, for example, has been covered by the media or shows particularly rare symptoms shall not be uploaded to the aforementioned website, unless specifically authorized. Likewise, any textual information accompanying the images uploaded by the User must also be free of identifying information and other unnecessary information that could help in identifying a patient.

Note: QURA’s privacy policy does not prevail over state privacy laws and Users must ensure that they use the images in compliance with these Terms of Use.

QURA takes patient privacy very seriously and failure to comply with these rules constitutes a violation of their privacy policy and Terms of Use. If the User uploads on the www.qura.tech website images of a case containing information on a patient or from which a person is reasonably identifiable, the uploaded case will be immediately deleted as soon as QURA become aware of it. They also reserve the right to take action against the User who violates what is herein established.