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The heart

Dissezione aortica (tipo A)

Aortic Dissection
(type A)

Aneurisma arteria polmonare

Pulmonary artery aneurysm

Aneurisma arco aortico

Aortic arch


Digital tools to support teaching

2020 deeply changed the way we approach education and study.

All schools and colleges had to navigate the Covid-19 emergency with improvised and often insufficient tools.

More than ever, it is evident that new solutions are needed to make teaching more effective, whether done in-person or remotely.

Qura: modelli 3D cuore per studenti

A new tool for training and sharing

M3d Library® is a virtual platform where health professionals, students and researchers can obtain and share new data. The database, based on shared information, will grow in time thanks to a joint effort.

Every clinical case in our database originates from anonymized and voluntarily donated DICOM files (click here to donate your file). No private or personal information is acquired or shared on our platform.

Starting from a single DICOM file, we reconstruct in high detail the 3D anatomy of the organ (or anatomical part) of interest, to realize didactical 3D biomodels as accurate and realistic as possible. Every model, once completed, is shared and can be freely visualized online, together with the original DICOM files and a description of the pathology investigated.

The absolute innovation of M3d Library® is the possibility for users to autonomously 3D print every model in the database with ease.


The 3D viewer

The M3d Library® viewer is a new resource, accessible to everyone, that delivers a highly immersive experience into heart anatomy and pathologies.

The available tools will allow you to rotate, dissect, measure and explore the internal structures of all M3d Library® biomodels.

You will also be able to take notes and save your study sessions!

Check out the video to learn how to get the best out of the viewer.


Print M3d Library® biomodels with just one click

M3d Library® anatomical models are STL files suitable for both digital visualization and 3D printing.

After study of individual cases using the viewer, you can decide whether to download and 3D print the entire study model or parts of it.

Every file has been tested with our 3D printers and optimized for obtaining the best results with minimal effort.

No technical skills are required, our files are ready to be printed with just one click!

Qura: modelli 3d cuore
Qura: modelli 3d cuore
Qura: progettazione modelli 3d cuore per studenti
Qura: modelli 3D cuore per studenti
Qura: modelli 3D cuore per studenti
Qura: modello 3D cuore per studenti
Qura: modelli 3D cuore per studenti
Qura: modello 3D cuore per studenti
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Support M3dLibrary®

Share with us your files! Send us your anonymized DICOM files about heart diseases to receive a discount code for all purchases on the platform.