(Last updated 07.01.2022)

   The sale of digital content on the website is governed by the following General Conditions of Sale. The digital content on the website is sold directly by: QURA S.R.L.S with registered office in Via Carulli 138, 70121 Bari (BA) and operational headquarters in via Conversano n.190, 70013 Castellana Grotte (BA) | VAT number IT08470290720 – which holds intellectual property. This contract between Supplier and Customer is governed by Italian Law and sale is governed by the provisions of Legislative Decree n. 206 of 06/09/2005 Consumer Code and Legislative Decree n. 21 of 02/21/2014.

1) General Conditions of Sale of digital content

1.1) Sale takes place through the website following the provided indications. 1.2) These general conditions of sale are an integral part of the sales contract and thus must be known before completing any purchase. 1.3) These general conditions of sale may undergo changes at any time. 1.4) Registration for the Qura e-commerce is freely managed by the Customer who independently decides to do so because registration is mandatory to purchase. If the Customer does not remember the password and/or user name, he/she is required to follow the recovery procedure provided on the website. 1.5) The Customer, by electronically sending the confirmation of his/her purchase order, accepts the general conditions of sale, the payment conditions and declares to have read and accepted all the information provided. 1.6) The purchase contract provides for the exact compilation of indicated fields, online agreement acceptance and successful payment. 1.7) When Qura receives an order from a Customer, they send a confirmation e-mail or display a printable order confirmation and summary web page, which contains all relevant order information. 1.8) The order confirmation will indicate and display the details of the orderer and the order, the price of the product purchased and any additional ancillary charges. 1.9) Access to purchased digital content is granted following notification of the successful economic transaction. 1.10) Once digital content has been purchased, the User can download it. Download of the digital content is allowed to the User for a maximum of two times.

2) Prices of digital content

All prices for digital content on the website are added to VAT costs and any other applicable tax at the time of checkout, are expressed in Euros, constitute an offer to the public pursuant to Art. 1336 of the Italian Civil Code and can be changed without notice at any time.

3) Methods of payment

3.1) The payment method is selected in the purchase process. Payment can only be made through:
  • Paypal: a simple and safe internet payment system that does not involve any additional cost for the customer. Its operation is very similar to that of a common bank account. If you don’t already have a Paypal account, you can easily create one free of charge on the website To load it, you can use a credit card or a bank account.
  • Paypal services through credit card
  • Stripe services through credit card
3.2) The payment procedures via PayPal and Stripe take place via a secure connection, directly connected to the bank that owns and manages the online payment service, which Qura does not have access to.

4) Fulfillment of orders and delivery of digital content

4.1) Sending the order, the Customer declares to know and unconditionally accept the Qura, General Conditions of Sale and the other policies contained on the website. 4.2) Access to the purchased digital content, which the User will find available in their customer area, will be possible upon receipt of payment.

5) Billing for digital content

5.1) Internet sales are not subject to receipt issuance. 5.2) The system automatically generates and sends the purchase receipt to the Customer. 5.3) The invoice will instead be issued only upon request to be sent by email to within one week of purchase. In the email, all necessary data will have to be provided.

6) Legal guarantee of conformity

All digital content for sale on the Qura website Qura ( are covered by the legal guarantee of conformity provided for by Art. 128-135 of the Consumer Code (“Legal Guarantee”). To whom it applies: The Legal Guarantee is reserved for Consumers. Therefore, it applies only to users who have made a purchase on the Site for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity. Those who have purchased on the Site and who do not act as consumers will be subject to guarantee for defects in the article sold, guarantee for defects in promised and essential quality and the other guarantees provided for by the Civil Code with the relative terms, forfeiture and limitations. When it applies: Qura is liable to the Consumer for any lack of conformity of downloaded digital content that occurs within two years of such delivery or download. The lack of conformity must be reported to the seller within two months from the date on which it was discovered, otherwise the guarantee will be forfeited. Unless otherwise proven, it is assumed that the lack of conformity that occurs within six months of delivery of the product or download of the digital content already existed on that date, unless this hypothesis is incompatible with the nature of the goods or with the nature of the lack of conformity. Starting from the seventh month following the delivery of the product or download of the digital content, it will instead be the Consumer’s responsibility to prove that the lack of conformity already existed at the time of delivery or download. In order to take advantage of the Legal Guarantee, the user must therefore first provide proof of the date of purchase and delivery of the product or download of the digital content. It is therefore advisable for the user, for this purpose, to keep the order confirmation or the purchase invoice or any other document that can certify the date of the purchase (for example, the credit card or bank statement) and the e-mail to access the platform or download. What is a lack of conformity: There is a lack of conformity, when the purchased Product/Digital Content: a) is not suitable for the use for which goods of the same type are usually used; b) does not conform to the description given by the seller and does not possess the qualities of the goods that the seller has presented to the Consumer as a sample or model; c) does not have the usual qualities and performances of a good of the same type, which the Consumer can reasonably expect, also taking into account the claims made in advertisements; d) is not suitable for the particular use desired by the Consumer and this has been brought to the attention of the seller at the time of the conclusion of the contract and the seller has accepted. Any uses of digital content that do not comply with the intended use and/or, as the case may be, with what is indicated within the product information, are therefore excluded from the scope of the Legal Guarantee. Remedies available to the user: In the event of a lack of conformity duly reported within the terms, the user has the right to request a refund. What to do in case of a lack of conformity: In the event that a digital content purchased on the site, during the validity period established by the Legal Guarantee, shows what could be a lack of conformity, the user can contact Qura by email at Qura will promptly reply to the communication of the alleged lack of conformity and will indicate to the user the specific procedure to follow. The refund of the sum due for the defective digital content, if due, will be made as soon as possible and, in any case, except for unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, or cases of particular gravity, within 60 calendar days from the day on which Qura have been informed by the user of the lack of conformity. The sum paid will be refunded within this period. Qura reserves the right to ask the user to attach to the request the order confirmation and/or other documents proving the date of the purchase and the date of the download to take advantage of the Legal Guarantee of Conformity.

7) Responsibility

7.1) Qura cannot be held liable to the Customer for disservices or malfunctions related to the use of the internet. 7.2) Qura is not responsible for any fraudulent or illegal use of credit cards and other means of payment that may be made by third parties upon payment of the purchased products.

8) Assistance and complaints

For any questions, doubts, information requests or complaints, you can send an email to:

9) Obligations of the customer

9.1) It is strictly forbidden for the Customer to enter false data in the registration procedure necessary to activate the process for execution of this contract and further communications. The personal data and e-mails must be their own personal data only and not those of third parties or fictional ones. The Customer releases Qura from any liability arising from the issue of incorrect tax documents due to errors in the data provided by the customer, as the Customer himself/herself is solely responsible for correct entry. 9.2) At the conclusion of the online purchase procedure, the Customer undertakes to print and keep these General Conditions, already read and accepted during the purchase procedure, and to print the specifications of the product being purchased, in order to fully satisfy the conditions referred to in Articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 185/99, 10.3. 9.3) The Customer, by sending his/her order electronically, declares to have read the conditions of sale and payment and the entire purchase procedure.

10) Right of withdrawal

The digital content sold on the website is not subject to the right of withdrawal, pursuant to Art. 59, o) of the Consumer Code, as it concerns digital content supplied through a non-material support (download). The consumer is informed of the loss of the right of withdrawal by means of these general conditions of sale and by means of specific notices at checkout.

11) Express termination clause

11.1) Qura has the right to terminate the stipulated contract by simply notifying the Customer if there are justified reasons; in this case, the Customer will only be entitled to a refund of any sum already paid. 11.2) Failure by the Customer, in the obligations reserved to him/her and/or in non-payment, will result in the legal termination of the contract pursuant to Article 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, without the need for a judicial ruling, without prejudice to the right of Qura to act in judgment for compensation.

12) Limitation of Liability

Qura reserves the right to modify the contents of its website and the Privacy and Cookie Policy at any time and without prior notice. Access to the site and the data contained therein are subject to the Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy of the site itself as well as the following Conditions of Sale.

13) Protection of the right of ownership

13.1) The contents of the site, texts, images, any graphic and text representation in general, photographs and videos are legally protected by current rules on copyright and intellectual and/or industrial property. 13.2) The digital content sold on the site is an exclusive creation of Qura and as such is subject to copyright and property rights in general. Consequently, the use and reproduction of any content of any type attributable for any reason to Qura is prohibited. Any violation will be prosecuted according to the current legislation on the matter.

14) Method of archiving the contract

Pursuant to Art. 12 of Legislative Decree 70/03, the Customer is informed that each order sent is stored in digital/paper form on the server/at the headquarters of the Supplier itself according to criteria of confidentiality and security.

15) Protection of confidentiality and processing of the Purchaser’s data

The Supplier protects the privacy of its Customers and guarantees that the processing of data complies with the provisions of the privacy legislation referred to in Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 1961 as indicated in the information on privacy and cookies accepted by the Buyer at the time of accessing the site.

16) Jurisdiction and competent court

Any dispute relating to the “online” purchase contract is subject to the Italian jurisdiction and the rules set out in the Civil Code, as well as Legislative Decree 206/2005 and 21/2014, 17.2. For any dispute between parties regarding this contract, the Court in whose district the Consumer has his/her domicile will be competent, mandatorily pursuant to Art. 33, 2nd paragraph, u) of Legislative Decree n. 206/2005.